Free Beer When 'Rain' in London

A bar promises to give free beer when the 'rain' coming

Free beer - Image credit R Gurning

Free beer provided by a bar in London at the right moment, which is when the rain swept across the city and the region, and when people are looking for a warm drink to warm the body.

When you're feeling a chill in the whole body, then enjoy a glass of beer can be a pleasant solution, it is a necessity.

Drinking beer can indeed be a source of health when taken in reasonable portions, citing the reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, February 10, that the moderate levels, for example, protects the brain against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, has antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits.

Even able to boost the immune system and helps fight infection, and there are many more benefits of enjoying a beer that probably would not have you think.

No wonder if you appreciate a bar in London, quoting Travel and Leisure, the bar named "London Pride" has announced via their twitter account, by running a program distributing free beer to anyone when the 'rain' comes flushed London.

But. Not all the rain, but the rain that comes based on the weather forecasts broadcast by the way in which the bar through twitter and Periscope.

The broadcasts are aired is held between 11 am to 11 pm every day.

You will soon know the situation that occurred, say when the rain through the newly announced 'weather broadcasts' in every day, social media users will get a free beer by sending a message through social media to the bar.

This is what then happens, the seeker free beer must follow social media account first such bar on twitter and Periscope, and then they will send a special code to get a pint of beer.

While the British weather forecaster Michael Fish to Mashable, gives specific about the February as 'bleak' for the residents of London, due to the weather that often rainy and overcast.

"This is an idea that inspires. February could be one of the most drab month throughout the year. With the number of days of short and wet climate, complimentary beer can make people more happy."

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, Mashable
Image: R Gurning


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