DNA as Basis for the Vacation Plans

The trip is based on the genetic information possessed by prospective travelers

Travelers in the airport - Image credit M Kretyawan

DNA is basically a blue print instructions for the various forms of life, is found in the cells of plants and animals and are made of nucleic acids. Precisely in Latin called 'deoxyribonucleic acid' which is the genetic information for humans personally.

In a broader sense DNA used for forensic activities, health checks, or on legal evidence, so that occurred during this time.

It turned out that in other contexts, such as excerpts from the site CNN Indonesia, February 5, is now able to mapping the DNA, that is apply in everyday problems in other functions of DNA, such as planning a vacation activities.

The reviews on the site, that there is a company, DNA Unwrapped that provides travel services based on genetic information possessed by prospective travelers.

The company will take DNA from mouth swabs wall of the prospective travelers to be checked, and will obtain the results based on laboratory testing for DNA checks for US$ 169.

Other reviews on the site Travel and Leisure, interesting results of the laboratory tests may indicate and locate the origin of the prospective traveler's descent and then match it to one of 80 types of their profiles ancestor that ever existed in the history of mankind.

The results are of interest to mankind, laboratory test can determine a match with the ancestors, prospective travelers can start planning holiday travel through the services offered by the company.

Nice step from that company with the services they offer, namely "Travel Unwrapped", it allows prospective travelers can arrange a schedule tailored to the affairs and the ancestral origin of prospective travelers.

"We find out a specific area or areas in an effort to plan a trip enjoyable and customers."

Their results can enrich the prospective travelers about the culture of origin and allow them to connect with their heritage.

They can plan a trip or leave the service of the companies that make up through the merits of travel of the partners.

When the DNA into the base as appropriate, then the company can give a specific selection to choose for them the exclusive hotels, villas, private islands, and various other tourist destinations.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Kretyawan


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