More Smoke Free Hotel in America

More and more hotels that do not provide room service for smokers

Hotel terrace lobby, illustration - Image credit G Badaruzzaman

Danger of cigarettes seems often overlooked for smokers, of course it is understandable if they reject the ban on smoking, because if someone is already addicted, it will be difficult to overcome.

But. You need to know when a cigarette is dangerous in some cases, say the danger for anyone, smoking as one of the triggers non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and chronic lung disease.

In fact, for many people, smoking is considered the same as other products, such as drinks or food, for their cigarette consumption would not interfere with the activities carried out daily.

That is, cigarettes are still rated as outstanding products that are not harmful to health so that although people smoking in public places was considered too great a problem. Although in everyday life starts to look difficult for smokers to get a non-smoking room.

Now everyone seems to be realized by the hotels in the United States, the reason was to allow tourists to keep their health during a vacation, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, February 21, the hotel management is also no longer need to spend much cost and time to clean the room of the smell cigarette smoke on sheets, curtains or even walls.

Other quotes to review this case, Travelers Today on Monday, February 20, CEO of Choice Hotels, Steve Joyce, optimistic that this step will further promote the hospitality business with rooms that are considered healthy for the guests.

When he was interviewed by USA Today, Joyce says, that most of the guests are not interested in the rooms for smokers.

"The more rare guests who want rooms for smokers. Even guests who smoke did not want a room like that."

Understandably, many hotels have similar opinions, they want a certain segment of travelers who come and stay at their hotels.

As management Wyndham Hotel Group also said that a growing number of guests requesting non-smoking rooms.

Likewise Javier Rosenberg, chairman of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, he said that the new rules will have the support of the hotel guests, since it has not received any negative comments after reducing the number of rooms for smokers.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, KompasHealth, Travelers Today, USA Today
Image: G Badaruzzaman


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