Countries with Family-Friendly Attractions - 1

Ten countries with diverse special attraction for families

Gulfoss, Iceland - Image credit V Saver

Family travel is a form of travel that became a separate segment in the world of tourism, and a few countries in the world to understand to get the market of this tourist group.

Citing a review of portal travel sites, at least 10 countries traveled worthy destination for families.

1. Iceland

This country is in the north of Europe, and you already know the beauty of nature, the natural conditions are almost covered by ice. Southern and central region with many tourist attractions cold temperature, such as icebergs, glaciers and light aurora.

If you want to look for warmer temperatures, can travel to the northern part of the attractions, such as active volcanic mountains, wilderness, and hot springs.

2. New Zealand

You may recall the charm of the film Lord of the Rings in Milford Sound, tourists can enjoy the atmosphere of the set of the film 'The Lord of the Rings'.

Spectacular natural atmosphere like a painting, when you venture out to Rotorua, and Kaikoura are worth mentioning as an attractive tourist entertainment for the family.

3. Morocco

The country is located in North Africa with a rich culture and remarkable history, and most of the charm of travel in Morocco is in Marrakech.

Family travelers can visit various attractions in this city, among others, Djemaa El-fina, Koutoubia Mosque, the traditional souks (traditional market), Majorelle Gardens and Bahia Palace.

Botanical Garden, Capetown, South Africa - Image credit L Sianipar Siahaan

4. South Africa

This country offers a tourist area for the family travelers who love outdoor activities.

You can travel to Krueger National Park along with the natural charm of the mountains which can give pleasure for children.

5. England

This country has a special attraction for tourists in the world, and also friendly to family travel. Travel adventures in the outdoors, say hiking and mountain biking in Snowdonia National Park neighborhood.

The area has several historical and cultural attractions, such as the Stone Age and medieval churches.

This article continues in the second part, and you can see another picture in some other countries that are worth mentioning are friendly to family-based tourist visits.

Continued to Part 2.

Source: Hiz Darmayana - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: V Saver, L Sianipar Siahaan


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