Small Island in Belize Worth US$945 Thousand

A small island in the Belize, Caribbean, marketed in the trading site eBay

View of an island of Sikuai, illustration - Image credit M Kretyawan

Small island through online offered into one form offers an eye-opening Internet users, that all is possible, even one who thinks one day anyone can have their own island.

Greenish waters around the island, with white sand beaches which are still charming, blue sea, and one unique thing is certain wildlife species on islands that you might not find elsewhere.

These small islands that can be surrounded by less than half an hour, even cycling or even you can walk while breathing air without pollution and the waves sounded faint.

The tiny islands in the world even uninhabited and without an owner, and you can see through the buying and selling site, eBay, as reviewed in Travel and Leisure, January 25, the island of 1.6 hectares sale price for US $ 945 Thousand.

The island does look very small and surrounded by calm clear waters, all neatly presented in a photo in the article sales.

The offer were able to tempt potential buyers, because buyers will get one big luxurious buildings on an area of sandy white. And not far from this small island, there are Island Blue Ground Range which often gets visits from the tourists.

A luxury that can be appropriated by the owner of the island, when getting special moments while watching the dolphins that often arise around its waters. Seawater was always warm throughout the year, so that the activities swim or dive can be done every day.

Boat of Sikuai, illustration - Image credit M Kretyawan

Why this island will be sold by its owner? The owner with the account name willowreed76, a British businessman said that he wanted to return to England, longing to go home, after living there for three years.

"It was a tough decision, but I want to be an appropriate buyer and will maintain the island's full potential."

The island offers plenty of fun for the new owner, because the island is also located not far from the National Park Mayflower, Shark Conservation Gladden Spit, and Laguna Andersons.

When this article was written, a businessman who did not want his/her identity known to have purchased the island.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Kretyawan


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