Juniper Tree Extinct, Gin Will Missing

Beverage drinks were favored by the British, made from distilling the juice of juniper

Decatur Gins - Image credit Decatur Wine & Spirits

Type of gin beverage can you find in the plains of England, those British people will be happy to give this drink beverage, because from them you heard many interesting stories about the history of juniper tree. They liked it very much, but on the other had its own concerns.

Maybe one day gin beverage would go, and disappear from the bars in England, and they will mourn for this favorite drink.

Citing reviews in the sites CNN Indonesia, February 1, there are concerns about the gin, juniper plants threatened with extinction because due to weather, disease and slow its growth.

The British public are looking for the best way to extinction juniper tree does not happen, for example, scientists are looking for the best way to save their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Following the news of the site Independent, horticultural cultivation experts in the UK now has collected 5.8 million juniper plant seeds and store them in the seed bank.

Juniper (Juniperus communis) is one ingredient of gin maker, the shoots like fruit and leaves of this plant are used as a flavoring gin.

Obstacles are present in the future is the preference level of British society to this beverage, not comparable with the plant's ability to breed for two years to wait for juniper berries matured since first planted.

These plants are shrinking, getting older, the production of fruit and shoots less and less. The young juniper plant is a favorite meal of deer and rabbits, and of diseases fungus like from Phytophthora austrocedri that attack the leaves and can kill juniper.

British society through researchers entities continue to try to collect the seeds of 43 species of juniper, as researcher from the flora Forest Research, Shelagh McCartan.

She acknowledged the difficulty in maintaining the seed, to keep good quality, so it is easy regrowth.

Another expectation is delivered by Richard Deverell, Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, says 2016 was a good year to get seeds of juniper.

"The year was fantastic for the national seed project and I'm glad to hear it. We've been fully collect species of juniper."

Means that there are still opportunities to enjoy gin beverage in tomorrows. Surely.

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia, Independent
Image: Decatur Wine & Spirits via Wikipedia


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