Mount Everest Estimated Shrinking

After the earthquake that took its toll in Nepal in 2015

The Everest - Image credit N Ginting

The highest mountain in the world today are still in Nepal, Mount Everest, and become a noble goal for the climbers the world. For fans of the sport of mountain climbing is a most beautiful dream when able to reach the peak, known from previous studies that Everest has a height of 8,848 meters.

But. What if the height is reduced due to various causes? And it did happen, because according to estimates shrinkage after a natural disaster earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale in Nepal in 2015.

The latest research conducted by a group of researchers from India, citing the article on the site CNN Indonesia, January 25, conducted a series of tests on the ground and monitoring via satellite.

Says a researcher, Swarna Subba Rao in an interview with CNN, "Checking the height of Mount Everest last done by the government 32 years ago."

As is known, recorded that the mountain previously have a certain height, but doubts arise after the earthquake happened two years ago.

Mount Everest is located in a very wide range, the border between Tibet, Nepal, Beijing and Kathmandu. While other researchers a Nepali, Suresh Man Shrestha, said that if he highly appreciated the activity of the research.

"This is an opportunity to share insights and experiences among fellow researchers. So many parties who want to join to participate in research."

The researchers believe that the quake make the tectonic plates shifted beneath it, thus making the height change.

The mountaineers at Lobuche, Everest - Image credit N Ginting

Of course preparatory steps need to be done well, through careful planning and comprehensive, in order to obtain accurate results. They, the researchers will use GPS technology and triangulation methods to measure altitude and is expected to cost approximately US $ 800 thousand.

"We will put a GPS from feet to the summit of the mountain. However, the weather conditions greatly affect the signal reception."

Hopefully the title of world's tallest mountain was still there with all its characteristics correspond to the dreams of the mountaineers who had been preparing for the summit plan.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: N Ginting


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