More Pyramids in Sudan than Egypt

The presumption is wrong to assume more pyramid building in Egypt

The Pyramids of Egypt, illustration- Image credit R Korobu

Pyramids has become one of the trademarks of the Egyptian tourism, and tourism was as if agreed to attract tourists from anywhere in the world to travel to Egypt, and one of the icons of tourism is Egypt's pyramids and its long history.

Egypt in the days of long ago, otherwise known as the ancient times when the Egyptians built pyramids as tombs for pharaohs or their king, citing the reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, today, and at the time were later found approximately one hundred pyramids scattered built for the benefit of their king, Pharaoh.

When you're standing in front of one pyramid, say the grandeur of the Pyramids of Giza consists of three great Pyramids plus one big Sphinx, the impression the mysteries of the past, myths and legends that developed around the Pyramids, whether the building is truly built by humans or maybe aliens?

So far, Egypt is considered as a country with a lot of pyramids building. The assumption is wrong, as reported from Travelers Today on Monday, February 20, the country turns its neighbors, already have many pyramids as one of the region in the past, the kingdom of Kush, was conquered by Egypt.

One of the famous pyramids are the Pyramids of Meroe with a row of other pyramids that reach a total of about 200 pyramids.

Traveler might receive much less tourism-related information in the Sudan, but the country is undergoing a worse political crisis, so that the tourism industry to be less favored by a world tourism.

According to another quote, The Independent, due to considerations of political situation in their country, the Sudanese government has not prioritized the development of its tourism industry.

But. If you want a little adventure, a lot of uniqueness can you find in this country, Sudan, the silence around the tourist areas, for lovers of history who are reluctant to jostle with other travelers while visiting the pyramids in Egypt.

There is always the best way you can do for a visit to Sudan, visited around two hundreds pyramid there, one of which is by using a travel agent is reliable in a span of about two weeks, for example.

And, your adventures will pay off satisfactorily.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travelers Today, The Independent
Image: R Korobu


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