Tony Hawk Throw His Skateboard to Trash

Instead of having an argument with airport employees who were often fussy

Passengers waiting at the Check-in Counter - Image credit J Tobing

Fight with airport officials might have been experienced by millions of air passengers anywhere, many events that may not conform to your expectations, but those officials often make it a big issue, and they are always right for security reasons.

And also for the sake of air passengers must immediately boarded the plane, they will eventually be a point of no return, must be made to feel guilty for the sake of the truth of the airport personnel.

That is the law anywhere.

Tony Hawk, a professional skateboarder, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 20, was not spared from a lot of experience at various airports in the world, although according to him, has its own way to bring his favorite skateboard.

He, the way he always did, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Monday, February 20, he was always carrying the bag in order to enter into the aircraft cabin.

"I'm always carrying, but there are some airports that do not allow it."

According to him, certain airports in the world such as London, Frankfurt and Sydney have a policy that is quite thorough and rigorous.

"The airport in the city does not allow carrying, especially when I have connecting flights."

And here is always going aggravation thereof.

"The airport will thoroughly examine the skateboard carry by him."

No need to wonder if one day he experienced discomfort in the airport related to inspection by airport officials. Occurred when he had to go home with a connecting flight.

Tony Hawk - Image credit Matt Rogers

"They do the examination that I think are a waste of time. When I'm in a hurry, so I just throw my skateboard into the trash."

From so many experiences in the airports of the world, Hawk advised to first contact the city's airport for the skateboard-related purposes, if allowed to carry into the cabin or must be specially packaged in aircraft baggage.

"You'll know why, don't you?" he said.

Because nothing is more annoying than arguing with airport officials and then miss the plane just because it's a two-wheeled board.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: J Tobing, Matt Rogers via Wikipedia


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