Scotch Being Champion in Japan

Scotland typical liquor is very popular and dominate the liquor market in Japan

A glass of whiskey scotch - Image credit Guinnog

Liquor favored by many fans is sometimes dependent on a lot of things that can be used as a parameter for the demand, such as scotch has a lot of fans, a drink with a strong flavor that makes it popular.

But specifically this liquor, somehow became so favored by urban households in Japan, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, February 21, record sales in Japan jumped sharply by nearly 100 million pounds, as presented by Fiona Hyslop, Secretary Scottish External Affairs.

Certainly there was something that became the reason for the Japanese to like this drink, quoting the Daily Record, as submitted by Itazu Takashi, a seafood distributor from a renowned supermarket in Japan, said that the quality of the food and the good name of the product of Scotland is expected to be an added value for their consumers ,

"We hope customers will enjoy a better quality of Scottish seafood through this campaign, and we hope the uniqueness of their products could be added value."

And a real impact for the Scottish government, this country claims to increase the amount of exports by nine per cent, and this increase also applies to food export.

You know if these drinks, whiskey and other liquors contribute accounted for 77 percent of export value and seafood products accounted for 16.71 percent.

Japanese enjoy culinary diversity on offer, in line with the statement by Hyslop, increasing the value of exports is claimed as a result of variations in a variety of foods and beverages that are owned by Scotland.

"Scotland has a fantastic food cabinets of various world's best natural products, supported by innovation and a reputation for high quality food processing."

Japanese society is unique in appetite, and they always include whiskey in performing various rituals of their food. Scotch seems able to meet their expectations in completing culinary activities there.

On the other hand, Japanese people can learn more about the Scottish culinary, especially the uniqueness specific taste of Scottish seafood products.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Daily Record
Image: Guinnog via Wikipedia


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