Celebrating the International Scotch Day for the First Time

Date February 10, 2017 designated as the International Scotch Day

A glass of whiskey - Image credit Guinnog

Favorite whiskey in the world, one of which is of course the scotch liquor known as Scottish and become a happy occasion for the fans of this drink, because for the first time will celebrate the International Scotch Day.

A special day on February 10, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, where on the date set as the inaugural celebration of International Scotch Day coincides with the birthday of Alexander Walker, a pioneer of Scottish whiskey with the best selling in the world, Johnnie Walker.

True, this is the first time the celebration initiated by Diageo, the company that produces alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, and whiskey.

The official statement from Ronan Beirne, Global Marketing Director of Diageo, said that this drink has become a favorite beverage in the world, not even other spirits that can offer the taste, texture, and taste similar to scotch, he said.

"This drink is made the same way since 500 years ago in the small and big factories in Scotland."

Of course, this celebration has a specific purpose with the aim to further highlight the power of scotch, but it is also used as a moment of pride for the history, the quality and authenticity of scotch.

They were very enthusiastic, Beirne said that this celebration be a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship by adding cultural moments and fight for the future of Scottish whiskey.

Diageo company then invites the participation of supermodel Coco Rocha and actress Freida Pinto to enliven the celebration.

And media exposure to these celebrations be interesting, that Coco Rocha can enjoy a glass of this Scotland cocktail at a bar and club in Mexico, while Freida Pinto will celebrate in Manila and Mumbai.

Coco Rocha appreciate the drinks of Johnnie Walker with ginger ale, "But I would mix it with various other spirits depending on the mood or what I'm doing."

Apart herself admits more likely to enjoy alcohol beverages or other quality beverages instead of being intoxicated.

I think it should be so, enjoy this drink in an elegant way and does not need to be drunk, said Rocha.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Diageo
Image: Guinnog via Wikipedia


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