Scrambling Armrest in Airplane, Two 'Lawyer' Quarrels

Resentment of the passengers sitting next to each other in the aircraft cabin

Passengers ready for depart - Image credit M Kretyawan

Passengers quarrels inside the cabin of planes in flight from a particular destination, say in a long and tiring flight, all things can happen, including emotions escalate and then ended with quarrels with each other.

Who can resist anger, quoting the site CNN Indonesia, February 14, sense of emotions arise, especially when there are other passengers were deemed acts disturbing.

This is an interesting story that is worthy of you know, hopefully not happen to you, less comfortable conditions perceived by two passengers and the airline of Monarch Airways, which flies from Gatwick Airport in London to Málaga Airport in Spain.

Two passengers, man and woman, as the quote from the site Travel and Leisure on Sunday, February 12, they engage quarrels, because the scramble armrests of the seats were occupied.

The risk for passengers sitting in the middle, the man, whether he thinks, feels that it is his armrest. You know, maybe the woman, she felt otherwise, sitting in the hallway, one time wanted to put her arms.

Shortly, a commotion occurred, and later recorded by video mobile phones belonging to other passengers, who later became viral on social media.

You've guessed how that happened, a funny incident in front of your eyes, when two adults are equally shouting and claiming to be a lawyer.

The man shouted. He asked that the woman better immediately change her seats.

"You know, we just fuss just because scramble armrests!"

Instantly all passengers in the cabin laughing, they laugh it up. Then the other passengers ask the cabin crew to separate the two "lawyers" that are fighting.

You don’t want to know, which of them were later moved to another seat. The situation is becoming 'liquid', all the passengers are still not satisfied with their laughter. Haha.

From the video aired, the woman said that she would sue the airline through legal channels if they did not do justice to her.

A funny comment from a netizen can describe this situation in social media sites.

"I hope they do not meet again while retrieving their baggage."

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Kretyawan


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