Japanese Men Request to Cancel Valentine

Their love was rejected by women, so it will feel heartbroken and hurt them

Ginza, Tokyo - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Day of Love and Caring or later better known as Valentine's Day is always lively for those who want to celebrate with my beloved partner, and not far from the flowers, chocolates, gifts and romantic dinners.

But. There is always a romantic impression that is present there, because the incidence of different happens in Japan, citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, February 13, because there is a group of men in Japan who are members of the community 'Kakuhido' or MaIe Revolutionary that Unpopular by Women, protested.

They even seriously conduct demonstrations in the crowded Shibuya neighborhood, with brandished banners reading, 'Smash Valentine's Day'.

Even more exciting rallies took place, when they held up posters saying 'kiss in public is an act of terrorism'.

It is sad, isn't it? They can not feel the beauty of love and affection with someone, girlfriend, friend or maybe parents.

Specifically they say if the celebration of Valentine's Day continued, it would make the heartbreak and hurt them.

Takayuki Akimoto, Head of Public Relations Kakuhido in an interview with AFP, said that Valentine's is a love wrapped in capitalism.

"Valentine is a love of capitalism and we intend to destroy it."

They are a devotee of love, not the love that commercial glorified by the wider community.

"Valentine is sacrilege for a man who is considered unattractive and hard. It makes us feel bad. Can not be forgiven."

Despite the situation's bustling in Shibuya district, Valentine's in Japan is the moment of moneymaker for entrepreneurs, especially flowers businessmen, chocolates and jewelry. Even in the country, giving the chocolate is a tradition in Japan, on Valentine's Day.

There is a trust for the people of Japan since the 1980s, when a woman received the chocolates on Valentine's Day, then they should respond by sending chocolate on White Day, a month later.

Akimoto feel disturbed by that.

"Tradition gives this chocolate has been turned into a competition."

He said it was something ridiculous, when one is judged on the level of success through many Valentine's Day chocolates they receive.

But something for sure. Celebrating Valentine's or Halloween guaranteed you need a certain amount of money.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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