China Request the Fingerprint of Travelers

Implement for the sake of security measures in the country

The Great Wall, China - Image credit Severin.stalder

Traveling to China has become one of the choices of the tourists in the world, they are interesting and exotic side in this vast country, culture and traditions, unique experiences and diverse natural beauty, and do you even know their local culinary strength of China.

Who would deny the uniqueness of this country, so travel to China could be one option for travel.

But. The presence of migrants/travelers on the other hand gives a sense of worry, they are expensive in terms of security in the country, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, February 14, the Chinese government is now asking for fingerprints of all comers through its borders.

More quotes from the Reuters site, Tuesday, February 12, explaining about the new rules set by the Minister of Security, and come into effect from Friday, February 10th at the Shenzhen Airport, and will be applied to the entire region gradually.

No need to feel surprised when all passengers who have a passport and ranging in age from 14 to 70 years old are required to submit their fingerprints. But there is no further explanation of the need to process the fingerprint data.

The Chinese government can certainly be realized, the new rules will tighten security of the country and also shorten the data collection time of entrants.

I think you need not feel surprised as well with the implementation of new rules like this, because the same thing has been applied by other country, such as the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Cambodia.

Passengers can immediately adjust to the rules that apply, such as the arrival of increasingly stringent regulations, but the Chinese government give visa-free allowances to a number of countries, although the time of visiting remains limited.

Say the passengers who hold passports of countries San Marino public can visit for 90 days without a visa.

While in certain countries, for example, Bahamas, Ecuador, Fiji, Grenada, Mauritius, Serbia, Seychelles and Tonga can visit for 30 days without a visa.

And in other situations, the Chinese government implement a visit for 15 days without visas to passengers from Brunei Darussalam, Japan and Singapore.

Fair enough, during a tourist visit could take place and comfortable for anyone.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: Severin.stalder via Wikipedia


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