Grammy Awards, 7200 Sushi and 1000 Bottle Wine

Food creations of executive chéf of Staples Center, chéf Joseph Martin and his team cook

Grammy for Norah Jones' 2002 Album of the Year, illustration - Image credit Dmileson

Music Choice today's world that always gets the attention of the actors in the field of music, as a musician, producer and sponsor, there is other music awards, but the Grammy Awards has got a premiere venue for world music fans.

You know about this event, I would not be lengthy recount this special musical moment, but something worthy of you noticed, that historic evening will also be filled with stars and luxury food delights.

Witnessing the event can be said to see a variety of world music star, VIP guests, nominees, presenters and performers including Adele, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Metallica, until Keith Urban will enjoy super fancy dinner dish.

The special dish, citing an interview in People website is the result of a creation of executive chéf Staples Center, Joseph Martin.

"There are many different flavors of food that will be shown. You can taste everything, from the Mediterranean to the Napa Valley, even to the culinary Asia. There is a bit of a different flavor for everyone."

Guests will feel special, when the meal was served in a very large number, precisely at the Staples Center, and then after dinner, Martin will be serving snacks such as 7200 pieces of sushi, 1 814 kg of cheese, 1000 bottles of wine, and 562 kg of shrimp.

Chirashizushi with raw ingredients - Image credit Marshall Astor

Martin is very serious with the processed food, he invited the entire team to cook for the draft since five months ago.

"We got up early and see what we want for lunch. There was plenty of time to make the food so the menu of Grammy."

He enjoyed those moments, very pleasant, although it has made the agenda, they write it down on paper, and then start to develop little by little.

Martin admitted most exhausting thing is to make the recipe again and again just to ensure perfection.

"It took many tries and repeat."

And the Grammy night will witness the world-class culinary masterpieces, perfect for viewing on a celebrity at the Grammys is red velvet popcorn.

The dish was available to all who are present, such as grain mini bacon cheddar scones with maple butter, braised short ribs with caramelized cauliflower, red wine, and tarragon ravioli squad.

Even you can enjoy exquisite dishes, such as shrimp and lobster escabeche with pickled shallots, garlic, pomegranate and pickled mustard seed.

Do not worry for those who want to explore Asian dishes, guests still got treats at the Grammy dinner table is char sui chicken salad with snap peas, udon noodles and soy pineapple viaigrette.

He said that the food served is something unique and special. I think I believe him.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, People
Image: Dmileson, Marshall Astor via Wikipedia


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