Oysters Price Reductions, Welcomes the Valentine's Day

Welcomes the celebration of Valentine's Day by giving a big discount for oysters

Oysters served on ice, with lemon and parsley - Image credit David

Celebrating Valentine's with your partner is a special moment that occurred on February 14, as a day to uncover the feelings of love, caring and romantic moments that happen every middle of February. You will get used to seeing the various moments of the dinner, flowers and chocolates.

A store in the UK to make a new way to celebrate it, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, February 8, they are known so far as the stores that sell seafood, and the moment they participate the Valentine’s Day to celebrate.

That happy day for those who are in love, oysters price reductions for those who will be celebrating Valentine’s the next few days.

The shops that selling seafood, "Morrisons", quoting the site Daily Mail, you can get the oysters at a competitive price and affordable, 25 to 60 pence per oyster, in addition they also offer a package containing six oysters worth 1.5 pounds.

Conceivably sense of happy and satisfied customers, the oysters were worth considering now be obtained at affordable prices, as appropriate in the United Kingdom, the oysters are usually sold at a price of 1.5 to 2 pounds per piece.

Special day which got the right moment with a big price reductions of oysters, the moment to improve ahead of Valentine's romantic feel, but after a study showed 40 percent of Britons had never tried oysters.

Morrisons store representative said that during this time the oysters tend to be exported.

"Half of the oysters in England ended for export and we think our customers will be happier if the production for them."

Those customers will love offer price reductions, in addition to the oysters have been considered to have special properties associated with stamina and sexuality, and claimed to increase sex hormones and improve mood.

Oyster known as an aphrodisiac food or libido enhancer is called rich in zinc which can trigger the production of testosterone, or male sex hormones, although this claim has not been sufficient scientific evidence and more, more as part of a community faith.

Then, it's time to consume oysters are usually in a raw state with a sauce consisting of vinegar and shallots. I thought it was very good!

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Daily Mail
Image: David via Wikipedia


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