Dog Mountain, Dreams Hill for the Dogs

Pet dog owners bring their pets traveled to St. Johnsbury, Vermont

The pet dog relaxing - Image credit G Harcourts

Pets can make healthy is no doubt, for a variety of joint activities pets can distract a person from a variety of other things, a feeling that can not be told, and only occurs when maintaining their pets.

A study supports this case, along with the pet has a better ability of the heart, an effective way to reduce the level of stress, social support which can be compared to what we get from other humans.

Animal lovers always feel healthy, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 24, in line with the work done by an carving artist (now deceased), Stephen Huneck along with his wife, Gwen, in 1995. They built a land area of 60.7 hectares, and has now become a haven for the dogs who are fond of outdoor activities.

In the area within a two hour drive from the city center Vermont, quoting the sites Lonely Planet on Thursday, February 23, dog owners bring their beloved animals traveled to Dog Mountain located in St. Johnsbury.

Huneck always bring his pet dog, a black labrador dog named Sally, for fun there, green grassy areas with hilly landscape which is preferred by many pets, especially pet dogs.

They are the owners feel grateful, areas suitable for the pets, visitors and dogs do a variety of fun activities running on hillsides.

Dog Mountain region is interesting, other means of support for these animals, swimming pool, art galleries and churches, all of which were created to pamper the pet dogs and their owners.

You do not think so detailed ornament in art galleries and churches, many photo of pet dogs belonging to a visitor who had died as a form of memories.

Likewise, the church was built as a form of affection for pets.

"The church is filled to the message of love. There is also a sense of grief, but the church was built as a symbol of affection between the owner and his dog."

Dog Mountain is always open to the community of animal lovers, and the animals will be running as much as they can.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: G Harcourts


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