Free Menu for Passenger Aircraft in US

Delta Airlines will provide free menu starting next month

A Delta Airlines Boeing 757-232 landing at Vancouver International Airport - Image credit Makaristos

The free food on the plane was interesting for most passengers, in addition to reducing hunger is also considered to be effective in reducing the tedium of some passengers who want to quickly arrive at the destination.

The presence of food offered in the aircraft cabin can provide its own flurry of passengers, especially children passengers who will be warmly welcome, and they will eat it with gusto to the full.

Since the era of low cost airlines, LCC (Low Cost Carrier), then present another form of service from the airline by eliminating the free food, except to pay for the desired food. And, another cause is the aftermath of the financial crisis that started to hit in 2007.

This time, Delta Airlines in the United States, returned to provide free menu for passenger aircraft starting next month, according to excerpts of Travel and Leisure's sites on Monday, February 20th, where they have to consider all matters related to this decision.

Passengers receive these services are as they go through these intercontinental flight from airport of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, before they were in April 2016, has started distributing free menu for some low domestic, such as Boston, Seattle and Washington.

Passengers will be welcomed enthusiastically offered their menu, breakfast menu, Delta offers a menu of sandwiches, Asian cuisine, and also various fruits.

Then if you fly during the day, good luck to you with a dish lunch menu of chicken, vegetarian, or fruits. While on the night flight, then passengers will get another dish, Delta offers a breakfast menu which can be expanded with the purchase menu.

Outstanding response of the passenger, and the airline said that the menu will continue to change according to the availability of food and the interest of passengers.

Delta Airlines is not the first, because it existed before other airlines, Hawaiian Airlines has been providing free menu, even when the economic crisis was still struck.

Something different from them in there, and I'm sure when passengers will appreciate it.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Makaristos via Wikipedia


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