Passenger Deceived Due Characteristically Haughty at the Airport

Avoid annoying behavior at the airport, because there may reciprocate the treatment

The LAX Terminal 4 - Image credit Wikimedia

Annoying behavior at the airport can occur at the time and less precise moment and the situation, especially in crowded places as befits an airport anywhere. Indeed, the right of each personal, but others may feel very disturbed.

It is featured in the site CNN Indonesia, today, concerning the events of interest in the airport, when a woman carrying a pet dog on a flight through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), US.

Probably did not know what she was thinking, citing articles in Travel and Leisure's site on Friday, February 24, the woman was waiting for the plane that would take her to Tokyo, the woman let her dog defecate in the airport lobby.

The response of people nearby thought that she will clean up the dog, it's the opposite, the woman actually walked casually into the waiting room.

There is someone who immediately reacted, a comedian who also will fly to Tokyo, Steve Hofstetter, immediately rebuked her.

You know what the reaction of the woman? Hofstetter, as quoted from the column on the Reddit.

"I asked her if he would clean up the debris. But instead she said that there is someone who had been assigned to clean it."

Hofstetter and other passengers feel annoyed with the answer, even the woman still had time to make video calls to her friend and said, "Many sucks people here."

Hofstetter then met again with the woman and her dog in the waiting room, the woman with headphones playing music which set hard sound, while the dog barking at everyone who is sitting quietly.

Hofstetter arises a sense fad to trick her.

"I sat beside her and asked to go and where. She replied to Tokyo. Then I said, this is a lounge area for flights to London, flights to Tokyo waiting room has been moved into the room 53C."

The woman looked panicked, ran towards the Room 53C while carrying dogs and her suitcase.

Hofstetter is now smiling.

"Looks like she missed the plane once was annoyed because she knew has deceived, but certainly there are people who had been assigned to clean it."

Indeed Hofstter has a specific message to his compatriots and citizens of the world, to always maintain the attitude.

Nothing wrong if clean up the problem, while you can, reduce the burden of janitor man at a time.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Wikimedia Commons via Wikipedia


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