Naked Photos When Travelling

An unique way to capture the moments of travel

Australian tourists in the beach, Lombok Island - Image credit L Tobing

Naked photography indeed can be a less common way though for some friends the other travelers, this can also be done if you want something different photographic styles are also currently popular, 'selfie'.

You know that when traveling on the way to places beautiful scenery, unknowingly you will take photos of objects of interest, and even a few more of the tourists will take selfie pictures that are unique and interesting.

Well, who would have guessed when thinking out of the box, because it chose to be photographed naked with a beautiful scenic backdrop.

It is known as a @getnakedaustralia Instagram account owner, who chose to take a variety of photographs rating, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, because he is displaying around 650 photos Australian tourists who pose nude.

But. You do not think that is strange about the display of various photographs that are uploaded, this is not a porno photo, because tourists posing to the camera, so it just seemed the back of their body.

You wonder who's the owner of the account in the IG, isn't it? He's managed to provoke excitement and are now crowded into a conversation in cyberspace.

Well, he is Brendan Jones, the man from Sydney, Australia, and he was convinced that he did it solely to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, without being limited by the shape of the body.

Tourists in Lombok Island near Bali- Image credit L Tobing

In an interview on Lonely Planet's website on Thursday, February 23, he said that the nude could look so natural, especially under exposure to sunlight.

"At first I manage this account just to have fun with my friends when traveling. I always like naked while under the sun, it feels very natural."

He became so famous and understand what he means, so people started sending their photographs to him.

"Then more and more people are inspired and send the picture to me. This account then became popular."

A direct impact for @getnakedaustralia account has been attended by as many as 89 thousands of Instagram users.

I think, in the near future will present a variety of other photos on the owner of the account.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: L Tobing


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