Friendly Cities for 'Singles' in America

Cities in the US eligible inhabited by someone who has not been paired

Fleming Beach, Maui, Hawaii - Image credit W Nowicki

The best residential areas in a country is always an option for the citizens, certainly reasonable consideration to select areas that are considered friendly to them.

Similarly, the same thing happened in the areas of certain residence in the United States.

But. How does it feel to be a 'singles' in a specific region or city? Let's say it happens in cities in the United States, let's see in the atmosphere before the celebration of Valentine's Day.

A good review in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, describing cities that are friendly for those who do not have a partner or even indeed decide to live alone.

An interesting release from financial website, WalletHub, released a list of best and worst areas to live in someone who has not been paired alias singles in the United States.

They process data based on the financial scale, citing the site Travel and Leisure, during Sunday, February 12, associated with marital status and fun activities that can be carried by its inhabitants.

Quite interestingly produced from the researchers that measure through 23 scale, ranging from the population of women and men who have not been paired, the cost of taking care of themselves at the salon until the entrance to the nightclub.

More specifically is the best area to provide a better life for its population still single, thus increasing their chances to be happy to get love.

Broadly known later, Washington, Colorado and California known as the best region. Conversely, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas, called the worst.

List of cities released by WalletHub as friendly cities for them, the best.

Washington, Colorado, California, Montana, South Dakota, Texas, Hawaii, Nevada, District of Columbia, and Florida.

While cities are unfriendly for singles, the worst is Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alaska, Kentucky, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland.

Interesting trends from the lifestyle of its own, and the cities above can describe where they are heading. And in the end they will live their lives comfortably.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: W Nowicki via Wikipedia


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