Chocolate 'Friendly' Teeth Healthy

A label in Japan had created 'chocolate' friendly on dental health

Choco 21 cheese, illustration - Image credit Curds and Whey, Melbourne

Chocolate and kind of sweet food does have its own fans, so do not be surprised if you often see a row of shops seller at shopping centers in major cities of the world. You're even, perhaps, become a fan of sweets, or perhaps foods containing chocolate.

But. Sweet food and other types of chocolate are easier to find the always the 'enemy' by the dentist for causing tooth decay and difficult to avoid by most people, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, so there's always the business of the chocolate maker to find a strategy that did not make broken teeth.

And there is a label in Japan, which then creates a friendly 'chocolate' on dental health who wants to enjoy it.

Manufacturers of herbal toothpaste made a toothpaste with chocolate flavor menthol named Claudia, citing the sites Rocket News 24, they even claim that they created the chocolate toothpaste helps people who are difficult to be separated from dependence on chocolate.

This is indeed a special product that is sold "online" are priced at US$ 15, you've seen in most toothpaste with the same function, namely to clean the teeth and create conditions fresher breath.

Not quite up there, an extra thrill, they add other compositions such as chocolate chips to toothpaste, causing the sweet taste like after eating chocolate.

Toothpaste manufacturers are confident, they advertise toothpaste with a slogan that encourages people to brush your teeth when you want to eat chocolate instead of cocoa products was completely consumed.

Despite its original idea was to sell it at the moment when Valentine's Day, but the producers decided to resume sales this year.

Anyone who is curious can try it, even their beliefs about chocolate that can damage teeth, a study says that the food actually can help strengthen teeth.

I think one ever studied it has the authority to say, the content of the cocoa bean chocolate as raw material which can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria on the teeth.

But. Whatever it is their argument, if you eat too much, certainly at risk.

Source: P & C Andhika Tripeni Juniman Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Rocket News 24
Image: Curds and Whey Page


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