Swedish Tourism Ignore Trump Statement

Trump said that there had been a terror attack in Sweden

Tourist eating ice cream, Stockholm - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

The new US president seems more often occupy world headlines with his new policies that might be considered a very 'new' to the world community, including the latest statement on Sunday, February 19th in Florida.

The world community, especially the Swedish people, they feel shocked by Trump statement that said there had been a terror attack in Sweden.

As you see, nothing happens there, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, February 23, absolutely no terrible thing happened the night before.

You can guess what happened next, the Swedish people upset, and social media be the most appropriate place to express it with the hashtag #LastNightInSweden presence which soon became a world trending topic.

Of course there is an impact on world tourism in Sweden, as it contributes significantly as supporting the country's economy. Why?

Various statements in social media can give the impression less comfortable for the tourists who are planning trips to Sweden, known as a travel destination of history, nature and shopping.

It is delivered by Kristina Ösund, CEO of Sweden Tourism Board in an interview with The Local, that the development of the tourism industry is always growing, and are concerned with the above circumstances.

The street of Stockholm - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

"Many foreign tourists who choose to visit Sweden compared to other Nordic countries such as Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland."

Sweden got the attention of tourists with a visit last year to 13.9 million tourists increased by 3.1 percent from 2015.

Some clarification, as said by Robert Lejon, Secretary of Trade and Promotion of the Swedish Embassy in Indonesia which ensures the Swedish tourism is running as usual.

"So, Sweden remains safe to visit."

You can visit Stockholm, for example, modern city travelers' love but still full of history, as well as the Gothenburg port city, there is a lot of revelry center for lovers of art and culture.

And for those who love the thrill of nature, may consider a tour to visit there. The tourists do not have doubts about it.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, The Local
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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