Europe in Lettuce Crisis

Due to bad weather and winter in southern Spain

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Scarcity of vegetables in Europe seemed more serious, especially in case of erratic weather lately, and coupled with winter weather that claimed the vegetables plant, such as lettuce to all over Europe.

No one thought it could happen, the state of progress is so fast, even other vegetables such as broccoli and eggplant are also experiencing the same thing.

When you're in a tourist visit to Europe may not see this condition directly, but there are concerns in some circles, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, February 4, several European countries have a dependency on the production of vegetables in the south of Spain such as Murcia, Almeria, and Valencia, during the winter.

Indeed, nobody is able to cope with bad weather and the seasons, like other quote on CNN, deterioration leads to the risk of scarcity of vegetables.

In the unfortunate situation occurs plants grow slower and lower production.

Anthony Gardiner, one of the providers of fresh products to many markets in Europe said that the southern region of Spain is the field of food for Europe during the winter.

"The region has its own climate, warm and dry, like a desert."

Then he added, that this winter does not bring good luck, is different. And they look very bad weather in the field of Murcia region.

Uncertain situation, for four days before Christmas, the region has a similar amount of precipitation with rain water discharge in London for six months.

"It was entirely flooded, and many vegetables grown washed away."

Similar delivered by Fernando Gomez, manager of one of fruits and vegetables in Murcia, the supply of lettuce in the region dropped by 40 percent, and supplies broccoli down 20 to 30 percent, and vegetables grown in greenhouses such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Meanwhile Gardiner is still trying to increase supply from other regions, such as California.

"But this means that we are creating additional demand in the market, which also pushed up prices. It is very difficult conditions."

Travelers need to anticipate some culinary that they already planned, the price increase certainly unavoidable.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: jeffreyw via Wikipedia


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