Admission to Disneyland More Expensive

It seems that you need to think again if you wish traveled with family

Tourists in Disney, Florida - Image credit L Priyanti

Holiday to Disneyland can be a beautiful dream for many families in the world who have small children, even this flexible region to be visited by the tourists and visitors of various ages. So do not be surprised then if Disneyland is getting spread to several countries in the world.

For many, especially among families, go on a trip to Disneyland is referred to as the happiest place in the world, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 14, so go to a place like can be an attractive option for families.

But. This situation did not last long at the beginning of 2017, many people will think twice to come there, because the price of admission playground was increased.

The increase in the price of admission occurred at Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Tuesday, February 14, included in the ticket price increases, among others, per day, per year ticket to a parking ticket.

Perhaps you can see the details of the ticket price even further, approximately US$ 5 to US$ 20 has been in effect since last weekend.

Meanwhile, as it was known before the increase, the price of tickets per day about US$ 100.

Indeed, there is always a thrill attraction of new game there, so that the visitors and tourists feel attracted come to visit. But, now Disneyland also give ticket purchase time categories, namely the admission on weekdays, weekends and summer holidays.

And every day the price of admission each day is different.

Then present some suggestions to get a good price gap, among other things, to buy tickets from far-away days before the time of the visit, because Disneyland will give discounts with fairly cheap price.

There is always a way to save money there, because Disneyland offers Resident Pass program that can be used for various discounts.

Visitors get remarkable compensation, though tickets are becoming more expensive, do not worry, there is always a new vehicle, such as the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, even you can enjoy Pandora: The World of Avatar. Fair enough.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: L Priyanti


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