Free Traveling as Icon and Videographer of the Travel Agents

Working in the Busabout company in Canada for travelers with writing skills as well as photos and video

Sunset over Oia, Santorini, Italy - Image credit L Pandjaitan

Free traveling to many interesting places in the world, as tourists financed by a company can be a good alternative for tourists, although the spot is selected according to the input from the company's of course.

But. As an option to have the opportunity to travel to a great tourist places, this is certainly an incredible selection of fun.

Sadly when the company, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, currently only provides two (2) places for tourists with expertise as an icon and videographer travel agencies from Busabout.

One thing is certain for tourists who are lucky, they are required to have a hobby of adventure, where they will be required to capture the moment as beautiful as possible for Europe to travel, of course with transportation and accommodation costs are borne by the company.

The company, Busabout, quoting from the website Travel and Leisure on Wednesday, February 22, said that for them the two tourists, "job offer" can be regarded as "an unforgettable experience of a lifetime."

They will venture into urban areas, will also be invited to explore the countryside, islands, forests and mountain areas, from Greece to Ibiza.

It's fun for the tourists, as they apply, Busabout will ask prospective travelers to show their work in the form of video upload on Youtube.

Say you got a chance to see the video of their journey, when they, travelers should tell their favorite travel spots.

Well, after that Busabout will choose two travelers who are considered the most exciting videos, preferably netizens, and made with artistic style.

Of course this is another form of ways of doing tourist trips, because there is a requirement that appeals to those who are not overly burdensome, travelers must be 18 years and above and have a passport or visa that is valid for travel for 180 days to Europe.

Seeing the opportunities offered, things like this deserves to be obtained and try to win a chance traveled freely, and the deadline to register before 5 March.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: L Pandjaitan


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