5 Travel Apps in the Millennial Era

Online-based applications that help the millennial when traveling

Entrée is 'Tinder' like but for the Food - Image credit Entrée Apps

Smart phone applications currently plays for young people age, as though they had never been separated from gadgets such as smart phones. You can understand, everyday young people who are very dependent in some way to gadgets, and it has become a lifestyle.

I see a lot of applications offered by the program developers, citing the sites detikTravel, January 12, but some decent apps you have on the smart phone, because it can help you when traveling, seek help from the hotel or the inn, until found a friend in your trip.

1. Airbnb

Applications that will help you find accommodation, places to stay in a destination alias that you want to go. You can see a variety of options, not just the hotel, but the apartments or maybe the homestay.

Very easy for tourists, available-star hotels, and especially for the budget traveler's selection of homestay is very relevant to save costs.

2. Google Maps & Translate

Both of these applications can be helpful when you go abroad. Maps help in finding a way to not get lost. And Translate will help you to communicate with the local people who facilitate your traveled.

3. Uber

You'd like to travel and use applications for transportation, because it allows you to choose a convenient transportation. Perhaps you are reluctant to ride public transportation for carrying a lot of luggage.

You can find it in some countries, open the application, and specify your order, and wait for the car pool to come.

4. XE Currency

This application helps in knowing the value of the currency exchange rate that you have.

At least be able to estimate the exchange rate in effect on that day. You will be comfortable with setting a budget for traveling.

5. Tinder

You can try the application despite not traveling, but with Tinder you can make new friends while traveling. Maybe you can look for the right friends for a traveling companion.

If there is a special feeling, certainly back to each other person, fit and continue until courtship, say it is a bonus. Isn't this can be part of an exciting experience in your life?

You can understand its use, no wonder that many online-based application developers see the best opportunities to the youth market segment, the millenials.

Source: W Setyo Widodo - detikTravel
Image: Entrée Apps


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