Unique New Year Celebrations in the World

Unique tradition made while celebrating the new year

Saundersfoot swimmers enter the water in New Year Day - Image credit Charlie Shivers

New Year celebration brings its own excitement for everyone, you know when all the enthusiasm to welcome the new year 2017. The special moment to welcome the first day of the new year, and hope to new opportunities.

Many ways to celebrate the new year, for example in Sydney, Australia, citing the sites KompasTravel, December 31, they gathered in the park along with the rest of the people around.

Fascinating tradition in Times Square, New York, when Americans celebrate the New Year by watching a giant light bulb that will light up and illuminate the whole area of ​​Times Square. You can still see another place with unique practices surrounding the celebration of the new year.

Turkey, in a red dress

New Year is a special moment in Turkey, they will be obliged to wear in celebration with red lingerie.

They have been using it as an old habit since the past times, every year when the turn of the year, will be sold so many clothes in the red-selling hard.

Venice, the mass kiss

The conduct took place in St. Mark Square, Venice, which is known as a very famous place to watch the big fireworks.

You do not just watch the famous fireworks celebration, the place is also famous as the location of the mass kissing. Great!

Romania, dancing bears

Local residents in this country like the new year with dancing in a bear costume.

You can watch the excitement as they continue dancing from house to house in a bear costume to make the evil spirits not coming into the house.

England, swim in the cold

The event was crowded with more than 1,500 people plunge and swim in icy water which is located in Saundersfoot, Wales.

This event is also considered as a charity event, they said that this ritual is suitable carried out to sensitize people who are drunk at New Year party.

Chile, the new year with the dead-man

The habits are quite unique, because it is less prevalent. Pay a visit to Talca, in the mid-part of the country, Chile.

They celebrate the new year together with relatives who have died. Cemetery will be open to the public and people would come and sit in the cemetery to celebrate the new year with the family of the deceased.

Even you can find a variety of other habits to celebrate the New Year, that you may not find in other parts of the world.

Source: L Nathania - Intisari Online, KompasTravel, Telegraph.co.uk
Image: Charlie Shivers


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