Don’t Mix Wasabi and Soy Sauce While Eating Sushi

Habits of people are put wasabi in a container filled with shoyu

Traditional soy sauce - Image credit 570cjk

Eating sushi and sashimi is indeed a moment of the most delicious moments with friends in a Japanese restaurant, but there are habits that should be avoided, wasabi stirred up mixed with soy sauce.

When enjoying the Japan culinary, citing the sites KompasTravel, January 15, Japanese seasonings patent generally has a sense of more or less equal, with a slight touch will make a big difference in taste.

The sensation of each spice will be lost, when you mix it up, and you're not getting the best taste. Article on the sites RocketNews24, wrote that this practice should not continue.

They have reasons like this.

1. Make a damaged sense of soy sauce

When you've decided to enjoy sushi and sashimi at the Japanese upscale restaurant, the typical Japanese soy sauce is usually of high quality. The chéf will choose a good quality soy sauce and ensuring a mix of all the ingredients are correct.

At moments like this, you want to add wasabi to the soy sauce, its flavor quality could be damaged. Moreover, it is like not appreciate their professional chéf who already ensure the best overall experience while enjoying sushi.

2. Remove and spoils the taste of wasabi

You know the real difference of an upscale sushi restaurant in Japan that provides fresh wasabi. Guests were served not bottled wasabi paste, but grated fresh wasabi.

Wasabi in paste form - Image credit Yuji Miura

If you mix the fresh wasabi into the soy sauce, can make a fresh sweet taste of wasabi can be lost. They appreciate their chéf, since they do not respect the professional sushi chéf who ensure their guests get a real taste of wasabi.

The chéfs who hard to make the creation of wasabi paste into an art form of its own, such as wasabi shaped like a leaf. At this point you should appreciate the work of art of the chéfs.

3. Reduce its beauty

Appreciate the culture of other nations far more interesting, Japanese culture really appreciate the beauty. They make the food look beautiful when served to the guests. The sushi and sashimi is formed in such a way to make it look attractive.

When mixing green wasabi to blackish brown sauce, the result is a mix of colors that are not clear. You know this seems not pretty.

So you'd better let the soy sauce and wasabi are in a separate place.

Every nation has its own customs, including in culinary matters. And you can enjoy it on the level of the best flavor.

Source: KompasTravel, Rocketnews24
Image: Yuji Miura, and 570cjk via Wikipedia


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