Beaches in Dubai Become a Culinary Feast

Dubai held the largest annual culinary feast at the beach

Dubai - Image credit D Upala Poucin

Culinary festival can happen anywhere when many people gather, there is always a need for any kind of unique culinary tasting and delicious. This time Dubai chose a different location, namely Etisalat Beach Canteen, Kite Beach.

People can ask for a moment, because usually a culinary feast was held in a shopping center or park, citing an article on the sites CNN Indonesia, January 11, Dubai is known by various record, and now held a culinary feast at the beach.

The city authorities concerned with activities to attract the attention of tourists, especially the culinary connoisseur, a four times greater annual event than last year, and the Dubai Food Festival 2017 (DFF) will be presenting dozens of food trucks serving cuisine from various countries starting from the date of February 23, 2017 ,

There is always a lot of surprises in the culinary world, because tourists will get a variety of cuisine from various countries, from Europe to Asia, such as the UK and Thailand, not just the typical Middle Eastern dishes.

Feel the beach aroma accompanied by reddish evening sky, when you are present around the festival arena, enjoy the tempting offer of a range of culinary dishes, later at the right time.

Dubai cuisine, Zatar labneh - Image credit T El Rosda

Of course, travelers do not just get a mere culinary treats, they also will blend in with other activities, live music, yoga classes until the cooking classes along with a celebrity chef will make visitors feel at home.

Dubai has thought a culinary festival as one of the attraction invites the presence of tourists, because in addition to the festival in Etisalat Beach Canteen, DFF 2017 will also be held in two different places, namely Miele Dubai Restaurant Week, and Dubai Hidden Gems with the presence of some of the top chéfs such as Gordon Ramsay, Heinz Beck, Jason Atherton, and Gary Rhodes.

A city in the Middle East, Dubai, as said by Issam Karim, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, DFF 2017 is ready to present the culinary delight with a variety of world-class cuisine.

"We are very pleased to bring back the Dubai Food Festival this year. Because it can feel the sensation of eating on the beach to the restaurant in the middle of the water, the Dubai Food Festival 2017 is a great occasion to celebrate the culinary diversity in Dubai."

Source: CNN Indonesia, Dubai Corporation for Tourism
Image: D Upala Poucin, T El Rosda


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