Recognizing Types of Sushi

Important, before eating at sushi restaurants

Chirashizushi with raw ingredients - Image credit Marshall Astor

Sushi and sashimi are a Japanese food that has been known since the 1300s, and has flavors of delicious and nutritious, I would not be surprised if a lot of people liked it. However it is important to understand these foods well.

But no need to worry if you're already familiar with it, citing the site KompasTravel, January 15, that the sushi made from refined rice and rolled along the stuffing, which consists of marine and vegetable materials.

You can find different types of sushi rolls and types that are not rolled. And served with vinegar and a little sugar poured over rice, while the fish in a state of raw or undercooked.

Let's say on a weekend you came to the sushi restaurant, the grain is present on the table along with the soy sauce, pickled ginger, finely sliced radish and wasabi.

Well, it's time you recognize some types of sushi are often circulated in the restaurant.


Looks like most other sushi, rice be placed in a bowl and then coupled with a variety of toppings. Usually in the form of fish and raw vegetables or other ingredients.

Sushi is also still divided the various types again, depending on how the arrangement or topping.


Sushi is hidden in the bag of fried tofu skin.

The contents can also vary.


Sushi kind is quite popular in some Asian countries, made from rice rolled in nori, you also find sushi that uses a thin omelette to replace the nori.

You can find these kinds of sushi, such as Futomaki very thick with a diameter of up to 6 cm.

Hosomaki in the form of a small roll with nori located on the outside, its diameter is only 2.5 cm with stuffing in the form of tuna, cucumber and carrot slices.

Temaki, is a cone-shaped sushi with a length of about 10 cm and eaten with the hands, not chopsticks.

Nigiri-sushi and temaki at the upper right - Image credit Nesnad

Nigiri Sushi

Sushi type is not wrapped, but covered with fish or egg on top.


Sushi is also divided based forms, for example the ball shape called Temarizushi, likewise rectangular type called Sasazushi.

Of all the types of sushi presented above, you may also never see the other types. But this type is often offered to customers of restaurants.

Source: KompasTravel, Sajian Sedap
Image: Marshall Astor, and Nesnad via Wikipedia


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