Trump's Inauguration, Hotel Room Prices Rising

Inauguration ceremony will take place in Washington on January 20

The Trump International Hotel Washington DC - Image Credit Wyn Van Devanter

Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States will be held with great fanfare, as it will be attended by many parties that had been prepared for a long time. Furor will be serving each day and meet the news of the main media.

And, the people in Washington will get more festive, the event action long-marches of the Women's March that will take place a day later.

Certainly for the invitation to be preparing for a trip to the venue, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 12, they want to witness two historic event can book flight tickets and accommodation from now.

And as expected, a number of hotels in Washington began to have difficulty receiving the number of orders.

As befits a major event, this time a lot of people will not miss the event, citing Travel and Leisure on Thursday, January 12th, the immediate impact is the issue of availability of hotel rooms and accommodation of various classes.

Referring to the laws of economics, the burgeoning demand for hotel rooms and the inn is the rising price of reservation. The price offered by the hotel to stay a night to come up, ranging from US$ 115 to US$ 2,000.

No need to wonder if the need is urgent, the price goes up, as much as 62 percent of the hotel there is already fully booked, a week before and after the two historic event.

As is known, the president-elect also have a hotel near the venue, but do not expect to stay at a hotel owned by Trump, The Trump International Hotel which is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington.

According to the news, the whole room was there already fully booked since last month. The least expensive room there was US $ 1,250 per night and the most expensive price multiplied by five times as much.

It's an interesting event, so people flocked to Washington, though had heard almost all hotel rooms have been filled.

Maybe you can try the other ways, for example through the application service Airbnb to get more competitive prices and cheap. However, the data show rooms are offered starting price of US$ 496 per night.

The rising prices of hotel rooms and lodging as well as availability becomes very scarce at the inaugural event, these prices are also not much different when the Women's March.

There are still other ways for tourists, if it really wants to come to witness this two historic events, they are advised to stay in the area outside of Washington, such as Maryland or Virginia.

It is far enough away from the venue, but they, the tourists can obtain prices and places to stay at reasonable prices.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Wyn Van Devanter via Wikipedia


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