Paris Plan Car Smoke-Free Zone

Pollution makes the atmosphere in the tourist area is not conducive

Eiffel Tower - Image credit R Rumambi

Motor vehicle-free zone area has an option to be decided by the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, this is done to create a good atmosphere for the tourists who were in the region visited.

The hustle of a city certainly can not be separated from the activities of motor vehicle fumes and honking at noon. On the other hand there is always a rider who is not disciplined, a tangible impact is the convenience for travelers.

No wonder that the city government had the idea to make the region visited by tourists become car-free area, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, an idea worth striving for a region free from pollution forever.

Hidalgo explained her plan to the Le Journal de Dimanche and AFP, January 10, a limited region.

"The streets will remain open to vehicles belonging to officials and health authorities, but not for everyone."

The city government has chosen the area of ​​Rue de Rivoli become a pilot area is free of motor vehicles, they said this is similar to the area of ​​Fifth Avenue in New York, the area is always crowded by tourists who visit a number of attractions there, such as Musee du Louvre, the Tuileries Garden and the center to hangout, Marais.

An interesting idea, because people will also enjoy the area, complete with bike lanes, so as to encourage people to reduce the use of motor vehicles.

Breakthrough either of Hidalgo, even outside the region, she plans to make the entire region to be free of motor vehicles, as well as tram development plans service that will transport people of the city to be a long day.

Mayor plans to provide services to the citizens do not always get a good response, many parties rejected the plan, even made a petition to reject the construction of the tram service.

But. They deserve understand urban issues in the world today, for example Paris struggling with the problem of pollution is increasingly troubling, in December 2016, the air quality there even arguably the worst and most dangerous for breathing.

Travelers will think twice to visit a tourist area, when poor air insurmountable.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Le Journal de Dimanche, AFP
Image: R Rumambi


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