Chocolate Cannabis Increasingly Popular in America

Marijuana is present in the form of new pieces of chocolate

Cella chocolate-covered cherrie, illustration - Image credit Evan-Amos

Chocolate with cannabis is a new combination of offerings that increasingly favored by certain circles in the United States. Typically maybe you've seen it in the concoction rolls of cigarette paper or hand-rolled, this time is different and seductive.

I think you do not be fooled when buying, such reviews on a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, January 3, if you intend to buy chocolate, but you get a piece of chocolate with the scent of marijuana.

Creators of this unique culinary see little chance, the opportunity to offer on a specific buyer segments.

Excerpts from the Daily Mail, wrote that Chong Choice, one of the companies that take advantage of this opportunity, they teamed up with the chocolate maker, Defonce Chocolatier, to produce chocolate cannabis collection to be launched in the near future.

Tommy Chong, founder of Chong Choice enthusiastically says, "As a fast growing company that marijuana and ambitious, we worked so hard to find a premium class partner. With Defonce, we knew we found a fantastic fellow."

You can imagine the products they can produce, cannabis with chocolate flavor, or maybe you want to enjoy a piece of chocolate while feeling the sensation of marijuana?

Chong Choice has been known for many marijuana products processed, ranging from hand-rolled, cannabis flowers processed, until the extract oil.

Interesting quote on the site Confectionery News, wrote that the company is cooperating with the chocolate company after getting legal marijuana in California in November 2016 ago. And, they released a new product at the end of the year, December 2016.

You'll find five taste sensations, such as crunchy munchies, wake 'n bacon, cereal bowl, mellow milk, and dark daze.

"After trying our product, probably will feel the difference."

It will present the curiosity of the fans, because each product has its own uniqueness.

But the company are not alone, because the other competitors are present, a company from California, KIVA, also produces chocolate confectionary with a mixture of marijuana after experimentally for 9 months.

Fans of their refined products will be able to choose from several flavors supplied by KIVA, starting from a mixture of dark chocolate with ginger, espresso, then milk and vanilla, blackberry, mint, tangerine, until the Irish cream.

The two companies is consistent with their chocolate cannabis production, although now a growing trend is candied marijuana.

They convinced with its objectives by the products processed marijuana plants, of course with the measured dose and has been tested in the laboratory medically.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Daily Mail, Confectionery News
Image: Evan-Amos via Wikipedia


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