No More Alcohol for Japanese Men

Now they were not interested to get drunk like in the old days

Alcoholic drink, illustration - Image credit G Alexei

Alcoholic beverages can indeed be a good companion when you are in a place to drink, perhaps as a friend unwind or because he was thinking about something, even when you're relaxing with friends.

An article that makes you want to read, a site made a review, CNN Indonesia, today, they cite a recent study, that a shift in the habits of the Japanese men who have a new tendency to not get drunk as before.

Japan has been famous for its people who like to consume alcohol, as written on the sites RocketNews24, various alcoholic drinks available from vending machines to stores.

When you're in Japan, said being a visit to Tokyo, it has become a common sight when you see some Japanese men were consuming alcoholic beverages. Now, no longer be so.

News wrote a new fact, sales tax data for the consumption of alcoholic beverages plummeted 89 percent since its peak in 1996. Indeed, it is a concern, but the figure had quite hitting the alcoholic beverage industry in Japan.

The survey of a wine sales sites WineBazaar against 6,683 men and women aged 20 to 70 years about the intensity and frequency of consumption of alcoholic beverages, they define two categories of drinkers and non-drinkers.

The survey results show many new things.

1. Group drinkers

By gender, 45.1 percent of men and 27.3 percent women

2. For the group of non-drinkers

By gender, 30.1 percent percent of men and 47.6 percent women (Slight differences when looking at age, the group of women, the category of drinkers scattered all ages).

3. Based on the age

Men over 60 years old are not drinkers, 25 percent The young men aged 20s nondrinkers (increase), 39.8 percent (Young people ages ranging distanced alcoholic beverages).

A fact that can not be denied if the time has changed, surveys indicate young Japanese men are more aware of health than their predecessor generations.

Although socially also of concern to them, the pressure from the company that employees are often drunk has poor productivity.

Nothing lasts forever, except change itself.

Japanese men began to think of anything more 'cool' to use their money, rather than a headache or vomiting as a result of drunk.

Source: F Olyvia - CNN Indonesia, RocketNews24, WineBazaar
Image: G Alexei


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