Traveled to Homeless Shelter in Vienna

Many people become homeless in the most comfortable city in the world

Street shops of Vienna - Image credit W Sjahran

Vienna as city with the highest living comfort level in the world, several studies have reported about this, but the facts do not always give a nice picture.

The evidence suggests there are thousands of people who need help and attention, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 16, as a consequence of the city that are worth mentioning had the welfare of the best security environment.

The government provides the data to date, there were more than 4,300 homeless people there each year, according to excerpts from the AFP on Monday, January 16th.

It knocks the heart of a tourist guide, Barbara, who felt the need to establish a travel agency for the homeless, "Shades Tours" with the purpose of sharing.

Long story of herself, having previously had felt the same conditions. When she was still the owner of the gallery, she was diagnosed with cancer that required treatment in 2014.

Darkest days, she tells all attentively, when the money runs out, the house is sold, she then spent the rest of her life in a homeless shelter.

She moved, her luck changed with the business, an agency of the homeless. She proudly tells all in front of the tourists who participated in the course of a tour of her tour travel agency.

"There I was happy, therefore I feel healthy. My hair began to grow again after previously bald due to chemotherapy."

The story of a woman who is strong, bounced back by setting up a tour guide agency since last year, "I feel optimistic that my life would be improved, especially to be able to have a new place to live."

Tour guide agency and at the same time social group that seeks to bridge the traveler needs to be a new trend, and help the less fortunate. Travelers are given a lot of information and explanation on how to help homeless people to survive.

As may often be seen, you know when in Paris tourists often invited to tour around the Eiffel Tower, but she do anything differently in Vienna they can help reduce the number of homeless.

Homelessness is always present in large cities, every day, but do not understand the actual condition. Sense of caring as was done by Barbara and colleagues at “Shades Tour” can move other people.

Source: CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: W Sjahran


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