New York Fried Pickles Speciality Restaurant

Man from New York determined to open a pickles specialty restaurant

Some fried dill pickles - Image credit Benny Mazur from Toledo, OH

The ingredients for the supplement food consists of many kinds, and for those culinary enthusiasts can mix of different types of vegetables or other fresh plant material. They will use the additional menu, such as vinegar and salt.

You would ever enjoy pickles while eating lunch at a restaurant, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 10, but the pickles is not the main meal, because the pickle more as complementary food to make its own taste of the main meals were you enjoy.

Following menus are offered, pickle is kind of preserved food that uses vinegar and salt water, they are presented in such a way consists of cucumbers, peppers, onions, and tomatoes as the base material. No wonder in some Asian countries, pickles into a dish to accompany a dish enjoyed the fried rice, a variety of noodles, or martabak eggs.

You know the food is savory aroma, flavor and unique texture makes these foods so often been snack, but there are also people who are less loved, or even obsessed with pickles.

Well, a man from New York has a dream, and then determined to open a specialty restaurant pickles, "The Pickles Guys". And, in his pickle restaurant gets a decent place, you have to pay to get it.

Citing the site Cosmopolitan, William Soo, the restaurant manager revealed that the pickles served is not unusual, because they will present variant of fried pickles.

"We have many choices of pickles, there will be plenty of choice throughout the year."

As the interview at Eater, Soo convey some of the menu will be the mainstay of the restaurant, including fried okra, fried mushrooms and fried tomatoes. It is a type of fried food, fried pickles made from vegetables that have been made pickled and then covered with flour and fried dough.

And you can try it out, do not be surprised by what happened, get crunchy sensation at once sour and salty all in one bite.

The Pickles Guys uses the concept of reservations "to-go orders", with limited seats on a bar stool. Should be patient for a moment, wait until around March or April, a pickles restaurant in New York.

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia, Eater, Cosmopolitan
Image: Benny Mazur via Wikipedia


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