Countries with Most Leave Day

Leave always synonymous with holiday needs and travel destinations

Travelers take their vacation time - Image credit M Kretyawan

Needs of leave or time off from many people is the requirement that the rights, especially for workers and professionals in various companies, it is stipulated in the provisions of the labor force in each country.

Countries in the world has a different length of time for the implementation of leave, there are countries that have a long time off and leave no country with the shortest.

Brazil - 30 Days

This country has a total of 41 days off a year, is an accumulation of 30 days of leave and 11 public holidays. Countries also have time off work for a month is Finland and France.

United Kingdom - 28 Days

The amount of leave time does not include the 15 national holiday in 2017, although a national holiday is different in every state.

The British government, including the country generous in giving leave to pregnant mothers and new parents got one year to take time off alternately.

Sweden - 25 Day

This country is almost equal to its neighbors, Finland, as it gives off quite a long time, which is 25 days. Swedish citizens who are not working, they can still enjoy 13 public holidays in the year.

Germany - 24 Days

The country also give their workers 19 days extra time, and it is a national holiday that can be enjoyed by residents of Germany.

Spain - 22 Days

The workers get time to carry out during the 22 days of leave. In addition to vacation time is fairly long, this year Spain also has a total of 36 national holidays and regional holidays.

In addition to the countries with the most days off, then in the opposite condition also there are countries with which not a lot of time off, or in other words the least vacation time.

Countries that at least the time to leave is China (5 days plus public holidays total 24 days) and Thailand (5 days), Malaysia (7 days with the national holiday of 14 days), the United States and Vietnam (10 days not including the national holiday ), Indonesia (12 days), Singapore (14 public holidays) and the Philippines (18 days plus 18 public holidays).

Day of the leave is always synonymous with holidays, and at moments like that, no wonder when you see a lot of leisure activities in the various tourist attractions in various countries.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: M Kretyawan


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