Shopping in Paris Open on Sunday

Last year the government banned the shopping centers are open on Sundays

The Eiffel Tower - Image credit R Rumambi

François Hollande concerned with tourism in their country, so it considers it necessary to lift the ban shopping centers are open on Sundays, remembering a year ago had a scene with the demands of workers who feel you received wages in line if the need to work through the weekend.

You can see the activity in some shopping areas, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 9, such as Galeries Lafayette and BHV can resume operations on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

The central government in the country this mode, quoting article from the site AFP, knowing the impact the opening of a number of shopping centers, because it gives an opportunity to give excitement to the world of French tourism.

They have been considering this, the central government will build a regional shopping center for tourists who required open until the weekend, and did not make them switch to London or Milan.

Despite the measures taken by the central government, there are many luxury shopping malls in the area of ​​Boulevard Haussmann and the Champs Elysées which can not operate on Sundays, because there is an agreement between management and employees.

But in other places, other luxury shopping center there, such as Printemps and Le Bon Marché, ready to resume operations in the next few months.

Paris - Image credit R Rumambi

Indeed, work on Sundays can be a controversial issue in France, although there have been the lure of career path and salary increases.

No need to wait a long time, the real impact of increased revenue for BHV located in the Rue de Rivoli, and Galeries Lafayette, although they must increase the number of employees. BHV add as many as 150 employees, while Galeries Lafayette add 330 employees.

They, the management seemed enthusiastic. "The results are very positive, we think increased by 10 percent since re-open on Sunday."

The reaction of spontaneous joy of foreign tourists, especially from China, and the people of Paris that most had never had the time to visit on weekdays.

French seriously bring in tourists, and increase the number of tourist arrivals, which fell by 5.8 percent in the aftermath of the terror attacks in November 2015 that killed as many as 130 people.

Shopping centers have been opened, all excited, as said by the management, "In addition to Saturday, Sunday is the day with the most visitors."

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: R Rumambi


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