Profession That Almost Never Holidaying

Professional workers are certainly in their subconscious longing for a great holiday

Tourists in Shanghai Airport - Image credit L Lie

Holiday for workers including professional you are some kind of way out of the fun of saturation in the workplace. The holidays are a perfect time to release the office workload.

You know when it is in their subconscious, they have always dreamed about. As reviewed by the sites CNN Indonesia, January 21, that there are some professions that are not free to take time off work.

1. Security officers

They are members of the military, police to the security guard of office buildings. Because the task request that is always on alert to maintain security and public order.

2. Health care workers

An arduous task to maintain the health of patients is the most important thing, especially to maintain the image of the hospital where they are assigned.

3. Journalists

There are always new news or events that need to be covered, the good news to the poor. At any time, so that journalists become a profession that rarely gets time off. Even when given the task to another country, they would never get time to relax.

4. Employees of hotels and restaurants

The major hotels are very strict in maintaining a reputation, employees barely had a day off. Holiday for the most people being the busiest time for them, a General Manager to settle permanently in the hotel to check the conditions of service of employees and the convenience of guests.

5. The pilots and flight attendants

Synonymous with employees of hotels and restaurants, for service businesses that rely on reputation. Pilots and flight attendants who have the task in the long flight is selected employees, so it will always be reliable.

6. Celebrities

Especially for those who have big names, must always be ready to perform in a stage or film. No word tired, had to smile, for being not to lose their fans.

7. Personal Driver

They never even holidays, after being at home, sometimes they have to go back to work, because the boss has suddenly had a purpose. Tedious tasks are waiting, minimal sitting quietly in the waiting room for two hours. Similarly, in the face of congestion.

8. Employees of Information Technology

Indeed, their work in front of a computer screen, the monitoring to maintain the stability of computer networks. You can see them in the electronic and online media companies.

Perhaps no other profession that barely gets the freedom of time for the holidays. All employees must have a holiday and management need to think about the best time to forget their workload.

Source: H Darmayana - CNN Indonesia
Image: L Lie


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