Working While Travelling in Open Office

Trends works in an atmosphere of being traveled alias co-working space

Potato Head Beach Club, Bali - Image credit V Gumay

'Bleisure', 'workation', or 'mini-life', as they called a new lifestyle for young people age, the millennial, who want a different atmosphere, the workers were allowed to work from anywhere, is now easily found in various major cities of the world, such as New York, London and even cities in Asia, including Singapore, Jakarta and Denpasar, Bali.

Environmental work in an office that seemed routine, thus giving birth to new needs, new resolution of some workers, but on the other hand traveled desire can not be contained.

The desire to visit more new tourist areas, citing a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, January 5, writes that professionals such as these, generally do not have more time off.

Thus was born the new ideas, working in an atmosphere that gives the impression of being traveled, as befits the other travelers, they can work as well traveled in an open office aka co-working space.

You can imagine the atmosphere of working in a tourist area of ​​the island, with views of the beaches, fields and festive nightlife become an attraction, for example, on the island of Bali. The daily lives of the people who seemed relaxed, so for those who need peace can work while traveling here.

Work atmosphere supplied with bamboo accented interior, one of the co-working space locations in the region are also dealing directly with the fields belonging to local residents.

Similar articles were more of the site The Independent, wrote that today more and more workers who do this. Among young professionals who can now today more and more workers who do this.

Working styles were born from the needs of the times, it seems not only limited to certain circles, professional office workers, businessmen now also rely on co-working space for its remote control.

Working while traveling is also easy with the number of searches accommodation and transportation applications, such as Airbnb and Uber.

They, the professionals are different, bored with the traditional office setting, find new solutions.

Different in many ways, professional, enjoying a cup of coffee and surf, 'workation' in some tourist areas that provide co-working space.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: V Gumay - Denpasar, Bali


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