Mobile Phones Tissue in Airport Toilets

A new breakthrough for the mobile phone screen cleaner at a Japan airport

Check-in Area Terminal 2, Narita Airport - Image credit Banbam1029

Tissue cleanser for the mobile phone display has now received special attention in Japan, and people can understand the character of the Japanese people are always put through a new breakthrough in terms of technology.

They do a new thing, maybe you did not expect it, something unique in Japan, especially in the region will you find the airport, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, when the passengers who had just arrived at Narita Airport, Tokyo.

Always something new in Japan, you probably already know about this, when you traveled to Japan, say to Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo as a favorite destination. Sensing in your own the crowd in Shibuya, an incredible crowded intersection day and night.

You can enjoy the lights of shops, building and billboard ads that illuminates every corner of the shopping area, walking a distance to Ginza or maybe to Harajuku, shopping areas with different atmospheres because the people are unique in style.

Do not be surprised if you find a unique new creations from them, from the moment you get off at the airport, and started to feel new things with toilet cleaner mobile phone display.

Maybe you find a toilet that you commonly encountered in the toilet, but this time in the toilet at the arrivals terminal are also available toilet cleaning wipes, with smaller rolls.

Small-sized cleaning wipes available for the passengers in the 86 toilet in the arrivals terminal Narita Airport. As the quote from the article on the CNN, January 12, you can read the writing on the small cleaning wipes.

"Welcome to Japan."

The passengers originally due to be wondering, but slowly they will realize its function, do not hesitate to use it. After use, the toilet paper that can be discharged directly into the toilet.

New things have been thought of by the airport management together with the telecommunications company NTT DoCoMo.

As one part of the promotion, provision of toilet paper was also to sensitize the mobile phone users, so do not forget to clean the electronic items that are always brought in during defecation.

Indeed, in many studies has been delivered, the mobile phone display brings five times more germs than a toilet seat that is not properly cleaned.

Airport passenger who headed Japan will enjoy this latest facilities at Narita Airport to 15 March.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: Banbam1029 via Wikipedia


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