Airlines Trouble with 'Muslim Ban' of Trump

Emirates change the composition of the pilots and crew are heading to United States


Prohibition of entry into the United States for some nationalities can ultimately troublesome indeed a lot of things, this happens after the term of office of the new president, Donald Trump in the United States.

The policies of President Trump makes surprise for many parties, a ban on entry for citizens of seven Muslim countries in the world, namely Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen to set foot in the US.

Emirates currently flies to 11 regions in the United States, citing a review article on the sites CNN Indonesia, January 30, gave a response through their spokesman, that the airline will follow the new policies and a number of these flights will still be in operation.

Rules which give effect to the traffic low between countries, particularly to the United States, citing the sites Reuters, Sunday, January 29, effective since they came to the airport, resulting in the accumulation of passengers there, as was said by the International Air Transport Association ( IATA).

An interview of John Strickland, observers flight as reported by Reuters sites, "It makes a lot of people confused, especially tourists, who must immediately change their travel plans."

A tremendous impact for the pilot and flight crew members who have the nationality of the seven countries, because of their visa facility will not apply.

Nicoley Baublies, one of the crew who are members of the German trade union, UFO, said the ban was very strange and made a lot of uncertainty for the airline company.

"Airlines Lufthansa always ensure diversity in the selection of the flight crew. After several decades, only this time we are forced to look at their origins."

Regardless of the development policy, Lufthansa, the airline based in Germany, on Sunday claimed not to give statements about the ban, but said that it would follow the new rule.

Various other airlines, for example, let's say like Japan Airlines, Etihad, are in a condition that has not been established, although they will adjust to the airline operating policy toward the United States.

‘Shock’ in the early years of the United States government, and a number of industries will be affected directly, for example tourism.

Strickland added, "During this time the airline has a major role in the economy and tourism industry. Of course this will have a major impact."

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: The Emirates


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