Traveling Can Warms Love Couples Relationship

One way to create a relationship with a partner is traveled

Dreamland Beach, Bali - Image credit M Ludong

Traveled as a couple is a great way to improve the relationship of a couple who are in love, even to warm relations dimmed. Many things can happen in a loving relationship, let's say a longstanding relationship, time can make a relationship becomes cooler, and go away.

But. Might be expected, citing the review of the site CNN Indonesia, January 26, that the travel trip can improve communication relations between couples.

A study from Travelocity, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Wednesday, January 25, as many as 56 percent of couples who travel frequently travel has a more romantic relationships and more exciting sex life.

Good communication provides a warm relationship, each individual also has a unique character and personality, communication and personality need each other. A person can have the ability to communicate, but do not have a pleasant personality, or do not want to study the diverse personalities of others, tend to focus only on himself.

Communication between two people who are in a certain atmosphere, the study said communication quality becomes fundamental strengthening.

But it needs to means capable closer, a pleasant experience conducted jointly. Or conversely, a variety of difficulties when interacting with locals, tasting the unique culinary, for example, even between couples mutually reinforcing.

The study provides an overview of Travelocity, couples can arrange travel plans, let's say you're a couple wants to USA, they suggest that couples visiting New York, Miami, or Los Angeles, because in the three cities there are many romantic places that can be visited.

They compiled a list of other cities, such as Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Napa Valley, San Francisco, San Diego, and Florida Keys.

Trips that can be done with other tourist destinations are pushing toward a romantic atmosphere, appropriate expectations of each partner, facilitate the establishment of communication more personal, recognizing the personality of the couple.

And there is the 'personal touch' in it.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia,, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Ludong


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