Vacation Continues, the Obamas in Private Island

Obama family vacation in the island property of Sir Richard Branson

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands - Image credit Legis

Obama family vacation previously took place in the elite area of luxury in Palm Springs, California, and occupies the resting place of residence of the Spain Ambassador to the US James Costos, who served during the Obama administration.

As known resting place is the property of Michael S. Smith, an interior designer who decorated the White House when the Obama family occupied.

The Obamas did not stop at this beautiful place, they still went ahead with a vacation to another place, since Barack Obama took the family for a vacation to the British Virgin Islands.

So, they all fly to Terrance B. Lettsome Airport, citing the site Travel and Leisure, and since Monday, January 23 located in the British Virgin Islands. The Obamas go directly to Necker Island, a private island belonging to Sir Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur owner of the Virgin Group.

It seems that they really enjoyed the atmosphere of the island, even when arriving at the airport, they were seen was photographed with the airport staff in the Virgin Islands, before boarding a motor boat to the luxury island resort.

On the Necker Island, the Obama family can enjoy the Balinese-themed luxury vacation home that can accommodate 34 guests and a staff of 100 peoples.

Despite the luxury of this vacation, this trip was to fulfill a promise to his wife, Michelle, that he would give her a special vacation after not become president.

Now they've been there, have not known how long the Obama family will spend time, but to be expected they will be there until the winter and a "political storm" passed in the US.

Necker Island is a regular chartered deep-pocketed travelers, the island with Balinese-themed house that has high rents, whoever has to pay rent amounting to 80,000 US Dollars.

However, so far not known whether Obama pays all expenses vacation or get a special price of Richard Branson. Let all gone, Sir Richard Branson is known to be close to Obama.

And. The Obamas indeed enjoyed all, the atmosphere of the island and the waves in the Caribbean region, east of Jamaica.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure,
Image: Legis via Wikipedia


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