Tibet Spend USD 173 Million Fix Toilet

After tourists complained about the condition of the toilets in tourist areas

A bidet on the toilet, illustration - Image credit Lenilucho

Toilet hygiene has become standard in all tourist areas, and the Tibetan government knew about this. They are serious about the needs of the tourists visiting their country.

Despite many tourists visit the most are also not too concerned about it, but the government is trying to fix the dirty toilets in their country.

This year, they, quote the CNN Indonesia, January 12, the Tibetan government immediately improve by implementing a campaign "Toilet Revolution", with major investments in the Tibet autonomous region to improve health conditions and tourist visits.

No half-hearted they do, because of the massive campaign underway, funds amounting to US $ 173 million, which will be used for the construction and refurbishment of 2,000 toilets this year.

Tibet has become one exotic destination for most of world's travelers, so no wonder you see throngs of tourists in a variety of natural attractions. Immediately affected the dry toilets will be replaced with a flush toilet.

As for the toilets that have been built in rural areas, will undergo better renovations.

Toilet is required by anyone, even not only for tourists only, but also for local residents as a way of living a life that is more clean and sustainable hygienic standards compliant.

No doubt when the toilet is built to be adjusted to national standards which had walls, doors, roofs and windows, and at least an area of ​​two square meters.

Travelers will not complain, if they one day visit to do a holiday to Tibet, they will see for themselves how the conditions there, the water flows smoothly, and clean the tank in the ground.

Sonam Nyima, the Director of the Department of Urban-Rural Development and Housing Tibet, citing Xinhua News Agency on Thursday, January 12, said that they are consistent with the campaign, even the housekeeping toilet will also coincide with the handling of waste.

"Processing of waste must be consistent with the purposes of environmental protection and ensure no damage to the environment."

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Xinhua
Image: Lenilucho via Wikipedia


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