'Mushroom Coffee' Healthier than Regular Coffee?

New unique coffee beverages with a basis of mushrooms

Mushroom coffee - Image credit Four Sigmatic

Coffee addiction can happen to the coffee drinker, solely because they are loved. No need to wonder, for many servings of coffee are scattered in various places for a drink even on the edge of the road will be easy to find the seller.

In a cool atmosphere around you, without knowing you will be headed to a coffee for just a warm body. However, you may experience discomfort due penchant enjoy coffee, the pain in the stomach after drinking a cup of coffee, especially for those who are not too regularly drink coffee.

Well, this time a young farmer from Finland, to introduce varieties of coffee are claimed to be more healthy. In accordance with a penchant Finns who enjoy an average 5 cups a day per capita than any other nation.

Tero Isokaupilla, founder of Four Sigmatic, find a new way to enjoy mushrooms and coffee as well. You knew when the fungus has been known as a common ingredient so blend of cuisine, citing the sites detikFood, January 11, he had a new idea, 'mushroom coffee' claimed to have health benefits.

He took the initiative to combine the beans with dried mushrooms that have been boiled and melted into extracts, and some other potions using a Cordyceps, Lion's Mane or Chaga fungus.

The new type of coffee that contains additional nutrients and minerals, citing the site Food Republic, January 9, has a caffeine content of 40 mg per cup, about half of regular coffee.

Tero knew that the fungus can actually fight the side effects of coffee, for example, feelings of restlessness or burning sensation in the stomach. The positive thing he believed was the impact of fungi that can improve focus and ability to think.

Through the Four Sigmatic, they provided the package contains mild Arabica beans flavored Central American origin, so that the coffee taste is not too beat the taste of mushroom extract.

This drink has no bitter taste or concentrated often identified with coffee, Tero said, "The use of the word fungus on the product, do not change the taste of coffee."

Always present curiosity, simply by pouring a powder and brewed coffee and hot water mushroom, mushroom coffee can also be given extra milk, so that a latte.

In a place to drink coffee, you can enjoy your coffee at the same delicate flavor high content of antioxidants, one day on the weekend to enjoy a coffee with earthy mushroom flavor.

Source: M Safira - detikFood, Food Republic
Image: Four Sigmatic


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