'Hot' Cruise Ship Ready to Go Sailing

The cruise with their naked passenger of companies from Mexico, Original Group Cruise

Oasis of the Seas - Illustration

Travel by cruise ship is an amazing experience, and along with the development of technology, the cruise ship is no longer regarded as the travel deep pockets and the elderly.

This occurs because the capacity of the larger cruise ships, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 27, now you can see the diversity of passengers who want to gain experience alongside cruise ships, floating hotel around to different countries.

The experiences of the passengers on cruise ship travel with children can be a fun holiday option, passengers can make plans for the cruise, using each facility, as well as a variety of rides in a vessel such as a swimming pool, cinema, and a spa.

Well, this time a cruise ship service company from Mexico gives the option traveled in a unique way, a special cruise for passengers without clothes which could be their choice.

A surprise which might previously unimaginable by cruise ship passengers.

Experience for a trip that can not be forgotten, quoting from the sites News.com.au on Thursday, January 26, because since September 2016, they have just launched a cruise with the concept called "Desire".

According to current information, the cruise ship will sail from Venice in Italy, the vessel has a service that "all hot" for passengers who are of age, such as naked sunbathing, sexy costume party, and lightning ‘matchmaking’ event.

For many cruise passengers, an opportunity like this can provide a unique experience of having and not be missed, sensational for anyone.

You can imagine the atmosphere inside the vessel, passengers dressed in sober, but the cruise ships will not allow passengers doing a love scene in public.

A crew seemed to give feedback on the ship during the voyage, "Passengers may not look sexy, but we're not going to let them make love next to a passenger who was sunbathing at the pool, for example."

Cruise Ship “Desire” passenger received from the enthusiasm of 350 passengers, this year, they are waiting for an interesting offer from the company Original Group Cruise, an event more exciting, like ‘naked’ yoga, talk show with sex experts and other.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, News.com.au
Image: Oasis of the Seas via Wikipedia


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