Whiskey in a Cup of Coffee

The latest product of Jack Daniel's in the form of coffee variants

Coffee on the beach - Image credit N Rosdiana

Whiskey and Coffee is a beverage that individually have had fans respectively, so that you can understand when someone fond of one of them, but on the other hand might try something else. Depending on a person's mood in their daily lives are busy with challenges.

You know someone penchant for coffee, for example, has become a necessity in the morning, or enjoy a cup of coffee before starting another activity. Now you can imagine the sensation that occurs when the coffee you drink containing whiskey.

Such as the article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, Jack Daniel's, the whiskey producer of Tennessee, United States, in collaboration with the World of Coffee, recently issued a product variant in the form of coffee.

This new product according to them, using one hundred percent Arabica coffee beans, roasted with medium maturity, and a little 'touches' of whiskey.

A tremendous thrill for fans of coffee, according to other article in the Daily Meal, Charles Newsman owner of World of Coffee said it uses the world's best Arabica coffee beans to ensure every coffee lovers can feel perfect combination of whiskey and coffee.

"We use coffee beans with flavor and aroma of the best in the world, and put it in the flavor and aroma of Jack Daniel's."

They guarantee the product will not cause a hangover, because including caramel and vanilla flavors typical of whiskey into coffee, and sold online via the official website of Jack Daniel's for US $ 21.95 for an 8.8-ounce size.

Interesting review of the site Huffington Post, they test the taste of the product, testing done to some connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs of whiskey. They write that the product does not have the taste of whiskey as promised, even as the coffee in general, but with the aroma of whiskey.

They, respondents said only that tasted sour aroma, no other flavor.

"It smelled like alcohol, but it smelled better and not disgusting. I'm a bit of fun."

That's how it happened, they did not taste the whiskey at all in the new product.

"There is no sense of whiskey at all, believe me, I was the one who knew the taste of whiskey."

Source: R Indra - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal, The Huffington Post
Image: N Rosdiana - Melbourne


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