Disturbed Holiday, US Airports Paralyzed

The computerized system of immigration services experienced considerable noise

Passengers waiting at the Check-in Counter, illustration

The computerized system for passenger service and immigration is an important part of the smooth all the affairs of passengers who will use the services of an airport.

And when the computerized system is damaged, the result was fatal.

Airports in the United States is paralyzed for a few hours, citing a lifestyle site CNN Indonesia, today, there are service at Miami Airport, Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, Boston Logan Airport and Fort Lauderdale Airports otherwise damaged on Monday, January 2.

You know when the passengers piled up and waiting in line for service, as reported by AFP, the thousands of passengers who just got off the plane and had to wait a long queue before being allowed to step out of the airport.

As official information from Lauderdale Airport, the airport connecting the US and the Caribbean, through a tweets on Twitter.

"Immigration service at all airports in the US otherwise damaged. Requested patience to wait for the system to recover."

Of course this brings a lot of complaints from passengers, their holiday is interrupted, and the plan may be delayed. However, there is no other way than to be patient, because it is shared by many other passengers.

Holidays can be delayed, despite what happened, the authorities at the airport have worked hard to overcome the damage on a computer system.

Passengers indeed understand the situation, it appears some of them are busy with their gadgets, send the news to friends or family members. The computer system is a powerful tool, but there are times when impaired, for one reason or another.

They, thousands of passengers looked exhausted, waiting, and perhaps a little frustrating.

Additional description of the Miami Airport said that thousands of passengers from 30 domestic and international flights to be affected by that condition.

And, when the awaited had arrived, after several hours, damage to the computer system was finally overcome. Look of relief on the part of airport management, as well as the passengers.

US Immigration Agency via Twitter, "The whole system has now been restored, there is no indication of sabotage of it."

Vacation was delayed, can now continue.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: J Tobing - Sydney


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